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Nordiske Mediedager 2008

4. juni 2008 av NMD Legg att ein kommentar

Bakomfilm. Dokumentar (13 minutter).

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3 kommentarer
  1. Stian | 5. juni 2008 09:50

    Aiai eg klarer ikkje å få den frivillig/Jonathan Marks-musikken ut av hodet..

    Damdam damdamdamdam dam damdam:)

  2. Jonathan Marks | 7. juni 2008 13:55

    Well done guys! You did a brilliant job…covering a lot of statements in a compact summary. And the use of all the background shots made it different from the standard reportages I have seen at other festivals. The music fits too. Above all you showed that it was fun - and that is so important.

    I am sure it was a lot of work, but it was worth it. Hope your professors give you a excellent mark. You deserve it!

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    [...] August 30, 2008 · Som eksamensoppgåve i reportasjefaget vi hadde i vår lagde vi ein bakomfilm for Nordiske Mediedager. [...]

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